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10 good luck foods for Chinese New Year

Cantonese New Year

Celebration of 15-day Chinese New Year festivals

China’s top 6 places to admire full moon

Chinese Couplets

Chinese door greatings

Chinese Dragon Parade

Chinese Festivals

Chinese Lantern festival

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2

Chinese New Year 3

Chinese New Year 4

Chinese New Year facts

Chinese New Year fan

Chinese New Year symbols

Chinese New Year traditional activities calendar

Chinese New Year traditions

Chinese New Year traditions 2

Chinese New Year’s Cuisine

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Christmas in China

Christmas vocab in Mandarin

Christmas vocab in Mandarin 2


Customs of the Spring Festival

Double Ninth day

Double Ten Day


Floral decoration for New Year

Four views of the Moon (Chinese New Year)

Fu Dao Le! What does that mean?

Greatings in Mandarin

Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch

History of Chinese New Year

Holidays and festivals

Host Gifts for Chinese New Year

Introduction to Mid Autumn Festival

Lunar Calendar

Mid-Autumn Festival Introduction

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival in pictures

Mid Autumn Festival Stories


Mid-Autumn Festival – Li Ang

Mid-Autumn Festival – Wang Giuqin

Mid-Autumn Festival Introduction – Zhang Hong

Moon Cake festival

Moon Cake festival in brief

Moon Story


Myth of the 12 Chinese Zodiac

Qixi Festival

Shou Sui

Stories of Mid Autumn Festival

Symbolism in Chinese New Year Food

Taboos and superstitions of Chinese New Year

Taiwan prepares for National day

Teacher’s Day

Teaching Reference (Mid-Autumn festival)

The Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Chinese Valentine’s Day 2

The Double Ninth festival – the origin and aa poem

The Double Seventh festival

The Dragon Boat Festival

The National Day (Republic of China)

The National day of People’s Republic of China

The National day of People’s Republic of China 2

Tibetan New Year

Top 10 Chinese New Year superstitions

Top 10 lucky symbols

Your zodiac animal sign



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