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2008 Olympic Mascots

Acupuncture info + phrases


At the Supermarket

You will label the price tag to different food items under six different categories. Then you and your classmates will have conversations regarding the shopping in the buyer/customer-seller/store employee simulations.

a boy doesn’t like to sleep in bed

a boy has a cat with pictures no wods

Activity card活动运动 T-Chart.docx

Activity card 活动卡 for Human T-Chart.docx

Adjectives for lesson 18 game–如何练习“很”

A girl looking for a guy online在网路上找男孩女孩.docx

a girl doesn’t have a good grade

Body Parts


Bound feet

Chinese Medicine


character shape人物图形.docx

Clock 时钟表格.docx


Course Syllabus 课程教学大纲.docx

Cops love Wendy’s

Chinese TPRS Training

Chinese TPRS Training Day 2


chinese first trimester review

Cards fish side


Delivery boy


dictionary sample 9字典表格范例9.docx

dictionary sample 7字典表格范例7.docx

dictionary sample 6字典表格范例6.docx

dictionary sample 1字典表格范例1.docx

dictionary sample 2字典表格范例2.docx

dictionary sample 3字典表格范例3.docx

dictionary sample 4字典表格范例4.docx

dictionary sample 5字典表格范例5.docx

Disclosure ChineseI2010-2011.docx

Essay titles 短篇写作标题.docx

elements of story故事基本大纲图表.docx

element of character人物特质.docx



Family Unit

Fred love McDonald’s

four layer map四层图表.docx

find a fiction找小说.docx

Grading Rubric for Dialogue Performance

getting dressed

How old are you


I like and don’t like colors

I like and don’t like colors-fruit

Katie loves McDonald’s

Let’s go to McDonald’s

Look for a job

Listening Activity: How to Understand and Leave a Voicemail

Discuss the circumstances when you leave someone a voicemail. Listen to a voicemail segment. Then see if any students were able to pick out any comparative saying in Chinese voicemail to the English saying on the board.

Love Hamburgers & books

Map of China and Long March(长征)

Two maps: one map is with certain Chinese provinces blocked out; the other is with exactly opposite provinces blocked out from the partner. After familiarize Chinese provinces, student will be asked to write a composition with the topic of Long March…

McDonald’s by Hampton Hotel

Mcdonald’s by SJH part 2 colored

McDonald’s by SJH

McDonald’s by SJH part 2

McDonald’s closed

Monster and the girl


Multiple Intelligent Activity

电脑,电视,电影,电话….why those words share a common character “电”?

My Day

My disclosure

Mix & Match Cards List for 糟透了的生日派对.docx

Mix & Match Cards List for 日历.docx

Mix & Match Cards List for 数字.docx

Mix & Match Cards List for 我的名字叫Bino.docx


map of story故事地图.docx

logic line-up逻辑排队 for 猴子大学.docx

Needles of heeling

Numbers spelling 1-1000.docx

Numbers 20-100.docx

Numbers 20-29.docx

Numbers 10-19.docx

Numbers 0-9.docx

Not less one一个也不能少.docx

numbers with pics



Sentences for a lazy boy非常懒惰男孩的句子卡.docx

Stop fighting

three layers三层组织图表.docx

three layer map三层组织图表.docx

tell the time 2说时间表二.docx

tell the time 1说时间表一.docx

tardy ticket迟 到 罚单.docx

The Monkey King


Treasure Hunt Activity: Radical Classroom Objects

Students are split into three or four groups. All students are equipped with a Chinese-English dictionary…This activity requires a lesson on the structure of Chinese characters and how they are organized in a dictionary.

Turtle Fred

Two Monkeys

Unit 2 assignment and test 他们骑自行车上学

Wendy’s closed

Where’s McDonald’s

Week schedule and activities.docx


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