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Teaching materials 教材

General Info and Additional Materials

Directions for teachers

Lesson 1 “Greetings”

Lesson 2 “What’s your name?”

Lesson 3 “Which country are you from?”

Lesson 4 “What do you study?”

Lesson 5 “This is my friend”

Lesson 6 “My family”

Lesson 7 “Where do you live?”

Lesson 8 “Do you know him?”

Lesson 9 “He is talking on the phone”

Lesson 10 “I wake up at half past seven every day”

Lesson 11 “Do you want black tea or green tea?”

Lesson 12 “Can I borrow your car?”

Lesson 13 “I want to buy a shirt”

Lesson 14 “I will be 20 this year”

Lesson 15 “The library is in front of the dormitory” 

Lesson 16 “She plays basketball very well”

Lesson 17 “Spring is about to come”

Lesson 18 “We want to travel by train”

Lesson 19 “I have a cold”

Lesson 20 “I brought XaioXie with me”

Lesson 21 “What do you want to do during the summer vacation?” 

Lesson 22 “I arrived to Shanghai”


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